Towards change.


Our brand portfolio of Saueressig, Olbrich, Polytype Converting and Terrella Energy Systems brings together a unique combination of comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of engineering competencies to offer integral solutions that meet the highest market demands. Based on decades of experience in processing web-shaped materials, we have evolved from a printing and converting market leader to an innovator for the energy and automotive industry.

Our technologies allow us to process every web-shaped material, making us a reliable partner for a wide range of industries. Calendering, embossing, smoothing, coating, drying, printing, winding, perforating, treating as well as drive and control technology are in our DNA since our foundation. From specialty equipment for battery production to hydrogen fuel cell components and various converting applications, we are committed to empowering innovation and shaping the future of the energy and converting industry.

is a leading and innovative full-service provider of calender and processing systems, rollers and steel cores as well as rotary embossing and cutting cylinders. Core competencies are calendering, embossing, finishing, smoothing, perforating and calibrating of web shaped materials.
is a leading international supplier of production machinery and equipment for coating, printing, lacquering, laminating, winding, drying and drive and control technology.
is a leading provider of turnkey solutions in global equipment manufacturing with a wide range of coating technologies, winding and treating competencies as well as drying expertise.
is a leader in the design and manufacture of primarily stack ready graphite bipolar plates for hydrogen fuel cell power systems.

We are moving forward, driving innovation and leading the way towards a more sustainable future.


Our journey

As part of Matthews International Corporation, we are deeply rooted and dedicated to creating new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Our transformation from printing to the energy industry has been driven by our commitment to innovation and expertise in rotary processing. By leveraging our core knowledge into new areas, we have been able to develop cutting-edge technologies that have significant applications beyond the traditional. We accelerate this transformation to a sustainable future, investing in green energy and sustainable technologies while reducing our environmental impact.

Join us on our journey.


Matthews International Corporation became a public company, what started as a small business by John Dixon Matthews back in 1850 in Pittsburgh, PA (US).


Acquisition of Saueressig, founded in 1953, a leading international supplier along the pre-press stage as well as of rotogravure and embossing tools, flexographic printing and special machine construction. 


Saueressig supplies two calender lines for compressing cathode and anode electrodes, establishing the first reference systems on the market for energy storage applications. 


First fuel cell project with “Zentrum für Brennstoffzellen Technik (ZBT)” in Duisburg.


Development of the world’s first large-scale production line for dry electrodes. At the same time, process development with a renowned customer from the battery industry to design a calender line for electrodes.


Olbrich takeover of Polytype Converting GmbH, a leading technology provider for Release material and labels, Packaging films, Paper finishing, Energy/electronics and various special applications. 


With the acquisition of Terrella Energy Systems, a supplier of primarily stack ready graphite bipolar plates, joins the team with further expertise in the field of hydrogen fuel cell systems.


Acquisition of Olbrich, founded in 1949, and Polytype Converting, further competencies for the growing energy storage market are added to the portfolio. Saueressig opening it’s new service facility in San Antonio, Texas (US).


Construction of a new hall in Vreden to expand capacities in the field of roller refurbishment and processing for the energy industry.