Ready for future challenges.


We stand for the transition to a new era in the clean energy industry. Challenged by the dramatic climate change, we believe that innovation is key to achieving a more sustainable future. That’s why we create world-leading technologies and solutions from calenders and rotary processing systems to turnkey production lines for customized applications.

We shape the future as an innovative full-service provider for web-shaped materials, offering comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of engineering competencies across the energy and converting industry.

We drive the transition to a more sustainable world by enabling everyone to participate in shaping the future.


We empower the pioneers of tomorrow to create a sustainable future. Based on decades of experience, we are a leading supplier of advanced machinery and equipment for the processing of web materials for demanding industries.

Our advanced calenders and rotary processing systems drive innovations for the energy and automotive industries. We offer scalable solutions by designing and building specialty equipment for various manufacturing processes for batteries and capacitors used in electric vehicles and stationary end-use applications as well as efficient systems for suppliers of hydrogen fuel cell components.

In this way, our machines and lines are tailored to the specific requirements of the intended application – from the engineering through the manufacturing process and final commissioning. Our Saueressig, Olbrich, Polytype Converting and Terrella Energy Systems brand portfolio makes us the ideal partner for large-scale production as well as for the research and development industry.

We are your partner for sustainable technologies – worldwide.

Hydrogen Solutions

Battery Solutions

Converting Solutions

We empower the pioneers of tomorrow as a full-service provider of cutting-edge technologies for web-shaped materials.


Towards change.

Thinking together, acting goal-oriented and setting new standards with innovative solutions – we shape the future to a more sustainable world.

As part of Matthews International Corporation, we belong to a strong global network. We guarantee an excellent development, implementation and coordination of international projects at any time. With technical expertise and many years of experience in the energy and converting industry, Saueressig, Olbrich, Polytype Converting and Terrella Energy Systems are a reliable partner for your business operations across all borders.

We have the technological solution that represents
the next evolutionary stage of the battery currently
seen in automobiles.

Joseph C. Bartolacci, CEO Matthews International Corp.
Matthews Engineering
@Matthews Engineering // 07/23/2024

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